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Internal shades

Our company undertakes the putting of all types of internal shades. Horizontal louvers, vertical louvers, roller window shades etc. You can see in the following  link samples of our projects, that  we have carried out: Gallery – internal shades

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Elevated floors

The most ideal solution for office buildings. The elevated floors or otherwise uplifted ones , offer construction speed and easy access of electromechanical networks. Their surface can be carpet, wood, antistatic pvc, marble even granitite. You can see in the following  link samples of our projects, that  we have carried out: Gallery – elevated floors

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Our company undertakes the putting of all types of floors as laminate, linocleum, pvc, tiles, etc.

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Ειδικές Κατασκευές

Special Constructions

Any requested “special construction ” is a challenge for us , which we perform exceptionally. Ship bridges in building in Piraeus , floor of aluminum sheet, security dividers with iron sheet of 3 mm, ray protection dividers, bulletproof plasterboard dividers are some of our constructions. Our big experience gained from various projects,  that we have […]

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Our company undertakes colouring of internal and external rooms with consistency and responsibility.  “Clear work “ is the rule that we follow during work. We are at your disposal for any information. You can see in the following  link samples of our projects, that  we have carried out: Gallery – buildings sides

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The executives of our company have attended all required seminars implementing the products of passive fire protection , so that their putting will be excellent. We are at your disposal to responsibly recommend the best and most efficient solution to your building with the systems of passive fire protection of the HILTIcompany. Systems of passive […]

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Sound Insulations

Sound insulation measurements and regulation of the acoustics of a room, as long as the demands are high, should be defines after an inspection of a specialized acoustic engineer accompanied by a complete study. Our experience in sound insulation projects and sound absorption should assure you the ultimate implement of this study. Our company has […]

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Τοιχοποιΐες Τσιμεντοσανίδα

Cement board wall bonds

External wall bond from metal shell by putting externally at least one cement board and internally pasteboards. Insulation is demanded among them and all the pointing and mortar procedure of the cement board. You can see in the following  link samples of our projects, that  we have carried out: Gallery – cement board constructions

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Plasterboard wall bonds

Wall bond of metal shell and two-sided covering of plasterboard from one to three layers by putting among them ecological mineral wool. The thickness of the shell, the kind of plasterboard (waterproof, simple, fireproof etc.) as well as the thickness and density of mineral wool are altered in accord with the case and the room […]

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Wall bonds

The now fastest and most affordable way to build is to choose dry construction systems. The advantages that the wall bonds from plasterboard and cement board have in comparison with the conventional ones are many. Indicatively, wall bond systems: Reduced number of building stamps Fastest construction time Easy installation of electromechanic networks Reduced weight Flexibility […]

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Οροφές Γυψοσανίδας

Plasterboard ceilings

Plasterboard is a natural material by which its right putting you can implement any architectural design. Following the relating construction standards , sound and thermal insulation is a simple issue. You can see in the following  link samples of our projects, that  we have carried out: Gallery/Ceilings/Plasterboard Ceilings

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Οροφές Ορυκτής Ίνας

Mineral board ceilings

A flexible ceiling system consisting of a metal , visible-invisible shell and panels of mineral board. The panels are constructed by inertmaterials and have a big variety of designs. Because of their composition , they have high, acoustic and thermal insulated properties. The huge advantage of the systems is the easy and direct footfall as […]

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Μεταλλικές Οροφές

Metal ceilings

In rooms where humidity is highly increased and hygiene demands are high, we can put metal ceiling. From gym bathrooms to surgery spaces. Metal ceilings are divided into various types in accordance to dimension and their construction materials. Aluminum, electrostatically painted steel , 60 x 60. Self-supporting bands etc. Their shell can be visible or […]

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Covering systems of the building ceiling in order to improve the living and working conditions. These systems are divided in the following  categories in accord with their constructing material: Plasterboard Mineral board Metal You can see in the following  link samples of our projects, that  we have carried out: Gallery – Ceilings

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Outdoor thermal insulation

External thermal insulation with THERMOPROSOPSIS systems. THERMOPROSOPSIS systems are tested in hundreds of buildings and can bring impressive results. There are three options: FINE, ORGANIC, FLEX. Thy have CE marking by assuring excellent quality. We are at your disposal to recommend the suitable option for you building. External thermal insulation with cement boards AQUAPANEL Outdoor. […]

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Internal thermal insulation

The change of urban policy, the failure of erection scaffolding because of height or even disagreement of the owners do not allow us to interfere from the external side of the wall for its insulation. In these cases, there are two solutions , the systems KnaufAluTherm and KnaufInTherm by which, we can insulate the wall […]

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Thermal Insulation

The absolute solution in heating is to reduce to the minimum thermal losses , that the building has where we live or work in. Thus, the consumption of every energy we have to be heated (petroleum, gas, electricity etc.) will decided be reduced We can achieve this by implementing systems of external or internal thermal […]

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