Internal thermal insulation


The change of urban policy, the failure of erection scaffolding because of height or even disagreement of the owners do not allow us to interfere from the external side of the wall for its insulation. In these cases, there are two solutions , the systems KnaufAluTherm and KnaufInTherm by which, we can insulate the wall internally.

With the internal covering on a metal shell through a plasterboard KnaufAluTherm with a steam barrier of aluminum sheet and putting of mineral wool Ecose , an exceptional thermal insulation is accomplished. The plasterboard KnaufAluTherm protects the uninsulated wall from humidity of inner compaction. The panels of the natural mineral wool KnaufEcose have a thermal conductibility coefficient λ =0,037  w / mK. The mineral wool Ecose is environment friendly without formaldehyde, artificial colours and substances, by providing exceptional air quality in the room.

The panel KnaufInTherm consists of waterproof plasterboard and thermal insulated panel of enlarged graphite polystyrene EPS 80. It is 100% recyclable and has thermal conductibility coefficient λ =0,032  w / mK.The thickness of the thermal insulated panels range from 3 to  8 cm. It covers all the demands of the study of the energy output efficiency.

You can see in the following  link samples of our projects, that  we have carried out:

Gallery – Thermal insulation